Apply to be an Affiliate

Please contact the Affiliate Committee Chair if you are interested in applying for the affiliate program. The following information should be prepared for the application:

  • Letter of intent signed by two executive officers of NPO/NGO on official letterhead with Board Certified Resolution (the “Letter of Intent“ sample can be downloaded here).
  • Corporate Documents, such as a. Certificate and Article of Incorporation, b. IRS or equivalent National exempt status letter. c. Board Certified Resolution to be affiliated with STUF United Fund Inc and Authorized Executive Officers to execute related documents.
  • List of Board of Directors and Executive Officers with Name, Title and Email Address. (If there is any family relationship among directors/officers, please indicate so.)
  • Past three years’ activities information sheet and pictures. (If NPO keeps an updated web site, providing the website address would be sufficient.)
  • Past three years’ tax return and financial statements. (Waived if such financial information are posted on web.)

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