Established in 2009, STUF United Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the U.S. that supports international charity work. With the core values of STUF (“S”hare, “T”rust, “U”nited, and “F”amily), the organization aims to create sustainable changes in the world.  STUF is in Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC since 2016.


  • To join the UN’s Global Compact as a NGO and fulfill the business industry’s social responsibility.
  • To provide communities with supportive resources to carry out causes for charity relief, educational and cultural development, environmental protection, and public health.
  • To encourage youth to join the global community’s efforts and activities for the betterment of society.
  • To do any other act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, directors or officers, except as permitted under Article 5 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.


  • Charity relief
  • Culture and education
  • Public health
  • Environmental protection


  • STUF aims to create sustainable changes through connecting and working with NGO/NPO (non-government organization, nonprofit organization), government departments, UN agencies, and the corporate sector. Through connecting global resources, STUF’s charity work has been in 5 continents, 22 countries.
  • Raise funds from the general public to be distributed to organizations and communities in need.
  • Create a NPO/NGO network to share resources and provide assistance.
  • Provide the general public with information about charity activities; assist and encourage the general public to engage in philanthropy.


1. Grant Making Program:

Grant-making program is the realization of our mission to provide supportive resources to the community. The goal is to assist various projects or programs that carry out local charitable causes, cultural and educational activities, environmental protection, public health, and other public benefits.

2. Affiliate Program:

STUF aims to form charity alliances with NGO and NPO affiliates to share resources and expand the scope of charity impact. The program provides assistance to the affiliated organizations by facilitating information and resource sharing within the network.