STUF United Fund has conducted charity projects in 23 countries.  Here are some stories to share with you….

Humanitarian Aid for International Refugee Children

greece 1 greece 3 turkey-kids

How would you spend US$7? Two cups of coffee or bring hope to a refugee child? Today nearly 34,000 people are forcibly displaced every day due to persecution or conflict. There are close to 21.3 million refugees and over 50% are under the age of 18. Through the network of the chambers of commerce, STUF is able to procure quality winter jackets for refugee children at the cost of only US$7 each.

In 2016, 25,600 winter jackets were donated to refugee children in Turkey, Greece, and Austria.  In January 2017, 30,000 jackets are on their way to the refugee children in Jordan, Turkey, and Greece.  Sincere appreciation to collaborating partners who make this project possible, including Turkey Red Cross, MMV Foundation in Greece, NRC in Jordan, and the UNHCR.

Cambodia Education Project

Cambodia Education Program helps the people of Cambodia-and particularly the youth-by providing education in Computing, English, and Chinese. The program sets up Learning Centers to provide education to youth in towns and rural villages. STUF United Fund is glad to support the program which has helped more than 8,000 children in 20 educational centers throughout Cambodia.

Garden of Hope – NY

STUF United Fund is one of the major sponsors of this NGO, helping women and children who suffer from domestic violence walk out of fear. The organization helps those women being abused with hotline support, safety planning, emergency shelter, and legal referrals. It also educates the public through workshops and trainings to raise public awareness. Children who witness or experience abuse is provided with free tutoring, mentoring, and summer programs.

Generosity Water

Information from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) shows that 783 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. NGO Generosity Water is dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries through strategic partnerships and in depth accountability. By working with “Generosity Water,” STUF United Fund’s first water well was completed in 2013 in Haiti, benefitting 1000 local residents and the second one is completed in 2015, helping 500 people in the rural area of Ghana. Through the STUF CEO Kico Lin’s donor-designated grant, STUF can bring clean drinking water to those in need.

Hope Services

Over the course of nearly 62 years, Hope Services has evolved from one of the first preschools serving only children with special needs to providing a full range of integrated social services to more than 3,700 children, teens, adults, and seniors with developmental disabilities. STUF United Fund provides funding to support Hope Services’ mission and programs.

Imvula Foundation

The goal of Imvula Foundation NPC in South Africa is to strengthen communities through specific sport programs and training courses, especially swimming since drowning is a massive problem. STUF United Fund provides the funding needed to create 11 portable, inflation swimming pools in the Mdantsane region. The program will enable thousands of primary school learners to have weekly swimming lessons.

Fundacion Para La Salud Los Angeles Paraguay-China

The Foundation collaborates with Hospital Los Angeles Paraguay-China to provide health and medical need to the children and adults in the local area. The incubator program for immature babies has saved more than 5,300 infants. In addition, 112 nutritional stations are set up to offer soybean milk to local residents, benefiting more than 4,100 families. Through monthly e-Newsletter and setting up a designated fund , STUF United Fund shares the foundation’s updates with international readers who are willing to support their causes.

Hope Clinic in Uganda, Africa

Love that transcends borders, bringing together different generations from multiple continents

How the story begins

Uganda 1
In 2013, George Lin, an Associate Director of STUF United Fund (STUF), introduced two outstanding Houston-based Asian Americans to John Lin, Secretary General of STUF. Dr. Carol Chen and Peter Yang have been traveling to Uganda regularly to do volunteer work, including helping children who suffer from HIV AIDs.
Realizing the lack of medical resources in Uganda, Carol and Peter decided to work with Cherish Uganda, a non-profit organization, to build Hope Clinic, a hospital that will provide much needed medical care to over 5,000 people living in rural villages, including local at-risk children. Carol and Peter were fundraising for the hospital when they met with John Lin, who was deeply inspired by the project and by their passion. As a result, John Lin immediately forwarded this project plan to the STUF members.

Evaluation and Execution

In April 2013, the project was presented at STUF’s board meeting. Prior to the meeting, STUF had requested a very detailed project proposal from Cherish Uganda to illustrate the organization’s background, mission statement, financial conditions, proposed budget, project members, and project timeline. After careful evaluation, STUF agreed to donate $105,000 towards this project, making it the largest single donation STUF has ever made from its general fund.

Uganda 2
To observe and assess the project’s progress, STUF got in touch with Jeff Lin, a member of the local Uganda community. Jeff represented STUF as an ambassador to visit the construction site. With help from Tony Yu, a pro-bono legal consultant for STUF, STUF and Cherish Uganda completed the Memorandum of Understanding to proceed with the collaboration.

A Collaboration between Generations and Continents

STUF is dedicated to supporting meaningful projects around the world. Through this project, STUF fulfills its mission of coordinating resources and providing services to those who are in need. Hope Clinic is the result of a successful joint effort between STUF and the local community in Uganda.
Uganda 3
Cherish Uganda照顧的兒童露出燦爛的笑容歡迎烏干達台商代表
The Hope Clinic project also showcases another aspect of STUF’s mission: to encourage and provide different generations in the society with opportunities to be involved in charity work. Carol and Peter are second generation Asian Americans who initiated the concept of Hope Clinic. This encourages and inspires other people all over the world to volunteer for charity.

STUF looks forward to discovering and funding more meaningful projects to bring our donors’ love across borders and generations.

The Power of Love


ACC (Amitofo Care Center) is one of STUF United Fund’s affiliate NGO and is an international non-profit organization serving African orphans who lost their parents due to poverty, war, natural disaster, and/or HIV/AIDS.

ACC has set up orphanages in four countries in Africa (Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, and Swaziland), benefiting more than 800 in-resident orphanages and 8,000 community members through outreach center by offering shelter, education, food, and occupational training. Additional orphanages are under construction in Mozambique and South Africa.

In 2014, STUF United Fund coordinated the ACC Goodwill Mission Tour in North America and arranged fundraising activities in 11 cities and raised more than US $350,000 for ACC.  In 2016, the tour visited 13 cities and raised close to $270,000.  (Photo Credit: ACC)