Hualien Juvenile Home Multiple Learning Educational Program

Hualien Juvenile Home is a subsidiary of the Christian Mustard Seed Organization. The Mustard Seed is one of STUF’s affiliates and is a social institution in Taiwan that currently serves more than 2,500 vulnerable children and families in the country.

Hualien Juvenile Home takes care of children from vulnerable families, who have been referred by the court. More than 50% of the juveniles were placed in Hualien Juvenile Home because of their families and poor living conditions that forced them to drop out of school. When they eventually return to school, they notice that learning in class is more difficult than ever before. Hualien Juvenile Home aims to improve the social adaptability and work with adolescents through the “Multiple Learning Educational Program.” This program offers post-school counseling, training by interest and learning through education practice to help them find their inner strengths, enrich their social experience and develop their social abilities.